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Dr. Aaronn Avit Ajeng is currently a Biologist at the Institute of Biological Sciences, Universiti Malaya. Born and raised in Miri, Sarawak, Aaronn obtained his Ph.D. from Universiti Malaya (UM) in the field of Biochemistry and Biology in 2.5 years. For his doctoral thesis, he bioengineered a carbon-based material, biochar with effective Bacillus consortium with response surface methodology (RSM) software and investigate the optimal conditions for microbial survival, as well tested its efficiency on the growth response of Elaeis guineensis and analyse the metabolite profiles through metabolomics. His invention has been filled for national patent/intellectual property protection. For his outstanding achievements, he has received several international awards from Human Life Advancement Foundation (HLAF) in 2022 and Rising Star Scientist from University of Nottingham in 2022. Outside of academia, he enjoys engaging with communities through creating meaningful contents on social platforms and public awareness programs.

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Life as a university student (Do's and Dont's)

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing just fine, and Happy Mother's Day to all lovely mothers out there!

Since entering the university as an undergraduate student in Biotechnology, I have become busier with all kind of assignments, tests,classes, activities and more. I registered on February 2016 for the second intake of the University of Malaya. So, as a 2-months freshie who has just stepped in the university as a student, I would like to share some DOs and DON'Ts as a university student.

p/s: These DOs and DON'Ts are from my own perspective and point of view, of what I feel about some issues. I am sorry if this post upsets any of my readers.

1. Find a friend (or maybe more)

Most likely, if you are going to further your studies far from your home, where you know none of the people there, you are going to be lonely. Contact your relatives or your friends asking them whether they know someone who lives near the area you are studying so that person is able to help you out during your registration day.

During the orientation week, it is the perfect time to reach out to somebody and make some new friends. Most likely, you are going to be friends with people you know during the orientation week throughout your study period in the university.

Do not be too quiet, or antisocial during the orientation week or throughout your study period in the university. Talk to someone, and do not be too arrogant. No one likes to be friends with such people. Even though you are an introvert, go try talking to someone. I am an ambivert, so I do talk sometimes depending on the situation and type of the conversation I am in.

2. Know your roommates or housemates

It is important to know your roommates or housemates because you are going to live with them for a period of time. It is going to be awkward for the first time, but as the time goes by, you will be more comfortable with them.

Even though you are now comfortable with your new roommates or housemates, never trust them so much. We will never know what a person is thinking, they could have a bad intention like stealing your belongings etc. Just beware.

It is also important to find someone in the house who is open-minded (soul roommates) and able to listen to anything you have to say.

Set a house-cleaning schedule. Make sure everyone in the house or room does the house cleaning. This is to make sure everyone is responsible towards the cleanliness of the house.

Don't be a badass to everyone who is living together with you. Never discriminate them. Do not be too arrogant or boasting. It sucks seeing someone who has such attitude.

Never take what is not yours. Seriously. Ask for a permission before taking anything that is not yours!

Respect your roommates. Do not talk over the phone with a loud voice, singing your heart out while your roommates are studying in the room. Do not intrude their privacy as well.

3. Focusing in classes

Attend every class 10 minutes earlier (Sometimes I am 20 minutes late!) and sit somewhere that makes you comfortable and able to focus on the lectures.

I always choose to sit on the back bench, ALONE because I am able to focus well. I am an ambivert after all. Haha

It is hard to not to fall asleep in class, before going to the class, eat a proper breakfast that gives you the right nutrient to kickstart your day. If you sleepy during any of the lecture, munch some cookies or snacks or have some soft drinks to make you stay awake. or excuse yourself to go to the toilet and wash your face.

Never ever distract your friends or anyone around you during class or lecture. That is why I prefer sitting alone on the back bench to avoid unnecessary distraction from the others.

If you are coming late to the class, don't distract others by making an epic entrance at the door. Urgh I have seen many.

4. Revision

always do your revision daily. You are going to have weekly tests or pop quizzes. The best way to prepare yourself is to do a daily revision. Do your study in a quiet room or library. I would prefer the 24-hour study area and library because I am able to focus compared to studying in the room which I think is a bit of inefficient.

Do not study at the last minute before your final examination. You are going to regret it. University is different from high school. The learning contents are more than what you have learned in college, and it needs a deeper understanding. So study earlier.

Thanks for reading :)

Cara Melanjutkan Pelajaran Ke Luar Negara - United Kingdom (Part 3)

Hi semua, apa khabar?
Pada blog update kali ini saya akan menerangkan cara untuk apply ke universiti luar negara terutamanya kepada sesiapa yang ingin melanjutkan pelajaran ke United Kingdom memandangkan ada beberapa readers blog ini yang bertanya melalui email cara-caranya. So, untuk memudahkan, saya akan update di sini ye. Dulu, saya menggunakan keputusan matrikulasi untuk apply ke United Kingdom dan telah berjaya menerima 4 tawaran daripada universiti-universiti terkemuka dunia. Baru-baru ini saya telah menerima satu lagi tawaran daripada University of Nottingham dalam bidang Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine. So that makes it the fourth offer overall.

Sayangnya one of my applications is rejected sebab Matrikulasi tidak diterima oleh universiti tersebut (Exeter College, university of Oxford). Dalam blogpost kali ini, saya akan menjawab segala (takla semua hehe) persoalan yang telah diajukan dalam email. Most of the questions adalah mengenai bagaimana melanjutkan pelajaran ke luar negara, cara mengisi UCAS dan sebagainya.


Q: "Matrikulasi diterima @ diiktiraf ke di UK?"
A: Selain STPM, A-Level, International Baccauleurette, dan UEC, sijil Matrikulasi juga boleh dijadikan tiket ke UK! Sijil matrikulasi sudah mendapat pengiktirafan di beberapa universiti terkemuka di UK.

here are some universities yang mengiktiraf pelajar lepasan matrikulasi :)

University of Manchester
University of Birmingham
University of Nottingham
Queen's University, Belfast.
University of Bristol
University of Westminster
University of York
University of Surrey
University of Suxxex
University of Reading
Hartpury College
Birkbeck, University of London
University of Reading
University of Portsmouth
Canterbury Christ Church University
Lancester University
Aberystwyth University
Cardiff Metropolitan University
London Metropolitan University
Anglia Ruskin University
Erudio College
University of Huddersfield

and the list goes on..... yang lain research sendiri ye hehe. So jangan pandang rendah sijil Matrikulasi ni! Kalau dapat tawaran study di Matrikulasi selepas SPM, grab that chance.

Q: "macam mana abg apply overseas? sy dpat jugak sijil 1119 tp x la sebagus keputusan abg. "

A: Saya apply ke UK melalui sistem yang dinamakan UCAS. UCAS merupakan universities entrance system yang sama seperti UPU kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia yang menempatkan pelajar di universiti. Yang membezakan dengan UPU, UCAS boleh digunakan oleh pelajar antarabangsa juga namun UPU hanya diterhadkan kepada pelajar Malaysia sahaja. Kalau yang berminat nak study di UK tu, click https://www.ucas.com/ucas/undergraduate/register untuk apply menggunakan UCAS.

Keputusan English 1119 semasa SPM dahulu juga berguna jika ingin melanjutkan pelajaran ke UK sebab English 1119 merupakan standard English yang diiktiraf oleh Cambridge English.

Saya memperoleh gred 2A dalam English 1119 ini (yang terbaik adalah 1A). Skor anda sekurang-kurangnya perlu C ke atas ye. Kalau anda skor English 1119 dengan baik, anda tidak perlu bersusah payah lagi untuk duduk untuk IELTS or TOEFL. Jangan ingat English tak penting ye. Namun, bukan setiap universiti di UK menerima English 1119 ini, ada yang hanya menerima IELTS dan TOEFL sahaja. Oleh itu, rajinkanlah diri untuk semak entry requirement di website universiti ye. Here are some links to universities in UK and their English entry requirements (yang menerima English 1119)

p/s: yang lain cari sendiri ye, ni je yang mampu dikorek

Q: "Filling in the UCAS is not easy. Oh! How about the payment? How do you pay? And how much do you pay? In MYR."

A: Yes, filling the UCAS was not easy for me too. for the payment, if you have chosen only ONE university, the amount that you should pay is Rm77.28(£12) while as for multiple choices, the amount you will have to pay is RM 148.12 (£23). depending on the rate. The only payment channel is through Credit or Debit card. make sure you have enough balance before paying for your application.
(rate currency yang digunakan pada masa ni ialah pada Jan 2016)

Q: "I want to ask about the education section. How do you fill in the section? Do you put your spm result also? And what is the awarding bodies for foundation? I really don't know how to fill the section in"

A: Yes, i did put my SPM result. After you have sent your application, the chosen universities will require you to send them the scanned copy of your SPM result. this is mainly for checking your 1119 English result as some universities accept 1119 English. if you have passed the minimum requirement for English, then you do not have to sit for IELTS or TOEFL. as for awarding bodies, for foundation. i think it is similar to matriculation which is MOE.

Q: One more help. The section for reference. The organisation name for our referee. What should I put? If she is my college tutor then her organisation name will be College?

A: Yes, you should put your college name. All the best for your application and don't hesitate to ask if you have any question.

Q: "Berapa minimum CGPA nak apply ke luar negara?"

A: Kalau nak lebih selamat, skor CGPA above 3.50 ye. Tak kira Matrikulasi atau STPM :)
Sebab banyak lagi saingan daripada pelajar antarabangsa yang lain. Apabila kuota sudah penuh, universiti akan tutup pengambilan bagi pelajar antarabangsa.

Q: "boleh guna results bmat (UMAT Uni Malaya) utk uni di uk jugak?"

A:  Kurang pasti sebab tidak pernah mengambil ujian tersebut, namun jika anda mahu melanjutkan pelajaran dalam Perubatan atau bioperubatan di UK, BMAT merupakan salah satu ujian saringan sebelum layak masuk ke peringkat temuduga. Biasanya universiti-universiti tersebut akan ada ujian BMAT mereka yang tersendiri seperti Universiti Malaya iaitu UMAT. Namun saya kurang pasti jika keputusan UMAT dari Universiti Malaya boleh digunakan di luar negara. Jika berminat untuk melanjutkan pelajaran dalam bidang tersebut di UK, elok untuk menyemak dengan tutor respective university.

Q: "Kalau nak belajar di UK, visa dan passport jenis mana yang sesuai?"

A: Okay, yang ni saya belum expert sangat sebab belum lagi sambung study di luar. Namun, sebelum menjejakkan kaki ke luar negara, saya telah membuat research mengenai Student Visa yang patut dimohon oleh pelajar Malaysia. Anda perlu memiliki UK Tier 4 student visa. Ketahui cara apply visa dengan lebih lanjut di sini. :)

Q: Boleh ke Asasi atau diploma dari Malaysia apply guna UCAS sebab sijil-sijil ni tiada dalam syarat masuk universiti di UK.

A: Saya dah try email bahagian International Admission University of Birmingham dan University of Manchester. Rata-rata mereka menjelaskan perkara yang sama iaitu jika sijil-sijil yang tidak tersenarai dalam syarat kemasukan ingin digunakan untuk memohon, pemohon perlu terlebih dahulu email sijil keputusan penuh dan nyatakan kursus yang hendak dipohon kepada bahagian International Admission. Selepas mereka analisis keputusan dan sijil anda, mereka akan menentukan sama ada sijil tersebut akan diterima atau ditolak.

Sijil-sijil seperti STPM memang diterima oleh hampir kesemua institusi di UK manakala Matrikulasi pula diterima oleh sesetengah institusi seperti yang telah saya senaraikan dibahagian atas entri ini. A-level, International Baccalaurette dan UEC juga diterima di UK. Namun tidak semua sijil Asasi dan diploma dari Malaysia ini diiktiraf di UK. Anda semua boleh email bahagian International Admission ye kalau berminat.

Okaylah, ni sahaja blog update pada kali ini. Harap blog post kali ini bermanfaat. Maaf sebab tak dapat menjawab semua soalan di email. Next time I will :) Semoga berjaya dalam segala urusan study di luar negara. Feel free to drop a comment :) Thanks for reading.

AKU KELIRU ( I am lost)

Hello all,

Lamanya tak update blog. Last blog update adalah pada bulan February, now dah masuk bulan Mei. I have been busy with studying, dealing with emotion that never ends HAHA.

Sekarang ni dah masuk 2 bulan berada di universiti tercinta, Universiti Malaya. 2 bulan yang penuh dengan assignments, kelas, tutorial, test, ragam orang sekeliling dan sebagainya. Tinggal 1 bulan lebih je nak dekat finals.. YAYY tak sabar nak balik Sarawak jumpa mak ayah, kakak, adik, kucing dan rumah yang direnovate baru! hahaha

So, back to topic, kenapa AKU KELIRU?

To be honest, I have never wanted to study the course that I am studying now in the university. It is kinda hard for me to really focus on the study because the thoughts of studying what I really wanted to distract me. Something tells me that somehow I still have hopes in doing medicine and I believe that.

Aku dah cuba email kepada Dean Fakulti Sains menyatakan yang saya ingin menukar kursus kepada kursus Bioperubatan (at least I know the flow in this course and this is one of the ways kalau nak masuk graduate entry perubatan). Then I received a feedback yang menyarankan supaya I should just remain in Biotechnology. Aku tak minta tukar kepada Perubatan sebab I know I would not get a place. (UM kan nak matrikulasi CGPA 4.00, aku tak sampai pun kat sana tapi nak buat perubatan juga).

Kenapa aku tak nak buat perubatan kat universiti swasta? SEBAB AKU TAK KAYA. Kalau ada biasiswa penuh, I will go. This is what I am working on now :) I won't give up on my dream!

Dulu bukan main bangga masuk universiti terbaik di Malaysia, now I am really lost.

What makes thing harder is I have to deal with a lot of people here. It is not that I am being so judgemental and perfectionist, but I am just being me.

Aku sangat bengang dengan some of the international students (terutamanya datang dari Banglasdesh) yang tak reti nak buat assignment dan tutorial sendiri. Even lab report aku pun dorang copy. I never thought of this thing would happen to university students, tak pandai berdikari dan selalu harapkan bantuan orang lain. Now I am regretting myself for being nice in the first place.

Okay people, ni je update from me. Doakan semoga saya dapat lulus finals! Akan update blog dengan lebih kerap selepas ni yup.

Bye, regards.

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