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Life as a university student (Do's and Dont's)

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing just fine, and Happy Mother's Day to all lovely mothers out there!

Since entering the university as an undergraduate student in Biotechnology, I have become busier with all kind of assignments, tests,classes, activities and more. I registered on February 2016 for the second intake of the University of Malaya. So, as a 2-months freshie who has just stepped in the university as a student, I would like to share some DOs and DON'Ts as a university student.

p/s: These DOs and DON'Ts are from my own perspective and point of view, of what I feel about some issues. I am sorry if this post upsets any of my readers.

1. Find a friend (or maybe more)

Most likely, if you are going to further your studies far from your home, where you know none of the people there, you are going to be lonely. Contact your relatives or your friends asking them whether they know someone who lives near the area you are studying so that person is able to help you out during your registration day.

During the orientation week, it is the perfect time to reach out to somebody and make some new friends. Most likely, you are going to be friends with people you know during the orientation week throughout your study period in the university.

Do not be too quiet, or antisocial during the orientation week or throughout your study period in the university. Talk to someone, and do not be too arrogant. No one likes to be friends with such people. Even though you are an introvert, go try talking to someone. I am an ambivert, so I do talk sometimes depending on the situation and type of the conversation I am in.

2. Know your roommates or housemates

It is important to know your roommates or housemates because you are going to live with them for a period of time. It is going to be awkward for the first time, but as the time goes by, you will be more comfortable with them.

Even though you are now comfortable with your new roommates or housemates, never trust them so much. We will never know what a person is thinking, they could have a bad intention like stealing your belongings etc. Just beware.

It is also important to find someone in the house who is open-minded (soul roommates) and able to listen to anything you have to say.

Set a house-cleaning schedule. Make sure everyone in the house or room does the house cleaning. This is to make sure everyone is responsible towards the cleanliness of the house.

Don't be a badass to everyone who is living together with you. Never discriminate them. Do not be too arrogant or boasting. It sucks seeing someone who has such attitude.

Never take what is not yours. Seriously. Ask for a permission before taking anything that is not yours!

Respect your roommates. Do not talk over the phone with a loud voice, singing your heart out while your roommates are studying in the room. Do not intrude their privacy as well.

3. Focusing in classes

Attend every class 10 minutes earlier (Sometimes I am 20 minutes late!) and sit somewhere that makes you comfortable and able to focus on the lectures.

I always choose to sit on the back bench, ALONE because I am able to focus well. I am an ambivert after all. Haha

It is hard to not to fall asleep in class, before going to the class, eat a proper breakfast that gives you the right nutrient to kickstart your day. If you sleepy during any of the lecture, munch some cookies or snacks or have some soft drinks to make you stay awake. or excuse yourself to go to the toilet and wash your face.

Never ever distract your friends or anyone around you during class or lecture. That is why I prefer sitting alone on the back bench to avoid unnecessary distraction from the others.

If you are coming late to the class, don't distract others by making an epic entrance at the door. Urgh I have seen many.

4. Revision

always do your revision daily. You are going to have weekly tests or pop quizzes. The best way to prepare yourself is to do a daily revision. Do your study in a quiet room or library. I would prefer the 24-hour study area and library because I am able to focus compared to studying in the room which I think is a bit of inefficient.

Do not study at the last minute before your final examination. You are going to regret it. University is different from high school. The learning contents are more than what you have learned in college, and it needs a deeper understanding. So study earlier.

Thanks for reading :)


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