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Aaronn Avit Ajeng, Ph.D.

Researcher in Biology and Biochemistry

Dr. Aaronn Avit Ajeng is currently a Biologist at the Institute of Biological Sciences, Universiti Malaya. Born and raised in Miri, Sarawak, Aaronn obtained his Ph.D. from Universiti Malaya (UM) in the field of Biochemistry and Biology in 2.5 years. For his doctoral thesis, he bioengineered a carbon-based material, biochar with effective Bacillus consortium with response surface methodology (RSM) software and investigate the optimal conditions for microbial survival, as well tested its efficiency on the growth response of Elaeis guineensis and analyse the metabolite profiles through metabolomics. His invention has been filled for national patent/intellectual property protection. For his outstanding achievements, he has received several international awards from Human Life Advancement Foundation (HLAF) in 2022 and Rising Star Scientist from University of Nottingham in 2022. Outside of academia, he enjoys engaging with communities through creating meaningful contents on social platforms and public awareness programs.

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Ph.D. in Biology and Biochemistry

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My 2017 in a review.

Let me start by saying I honestly felt like I have achieved nothing throughout 2017 but when I look back, there are number of events that I should be thankful and grateful about. 2017 was the year of self-improvement and so do 2018. From a person who was hesitant to take the lead in anything to a person that can be trusted in handling programs at the university level, it taught me a lot of lessons and I had to move out from my comfort zone.

One of the events that I handled this year was the Biotechnology Interaction Day. There was nothing grand or mega about the event, however it was my very first event managing experience and I was proud of myself. (Lol) Some of you might have greater responsibilities or being chosen to be the president or the director of a club, while I am still doubting my ability to be like one of you but I would love to volunteer myself  and take the lead in 2018. Also, one of my resolutions this year is to take part in a humanitarian project because I feel that investing in life of others matters more than any other achievement, and it is more honorable.

The Biotech Interaction Day Committee

Some of participants.

Being on the dean list was one of my resolutions for 2017 and I thanked God that I was able to pull it off in the examination and passed with distinction in Semester 2 of 2016/17 session. It was my first time too getting a dean list in the university and it was not easy as I had to put a lot of effort and gone through sleepless nights. Unlike other public universities in Malaysia, to be on the dean list award at the University of Malaya, students have to obtain a GPA of 3.70 above. Thus, this has to be in my 2017 review because I thought it was a miracle. Now I'm anxious waiting for the results to be announced at the end of January! Wish me luck. 

I was and still am leading a Christian students' ministry under  SIB Life church, called Multiply where I was responsible for reaching out to the Christian students in the university, and we had a weekly gathering around UM. It was fun and I personally have grown so much in my faith. Leading a student ministry was not even on my to-do-list but God has called me for this responsibility and I shall obey Him. Besides, I learned so much by just taking part in ministries. I was and still involved in the worship and media team in church. All these allowed me to expand my capability and creativity in worship, and serving in church in total, though I still have tonnes to learn but I will do my best in improving myself.

 Some of the ex-Multiply family that graduated in 2017

Part of our Multiply family.

I was the announcer in this one! :) Click to watch and tell me what do you think haha.

My 2017 review would not be complete without this one, which is my final year research project. Since it is still on-going, i will blog more about it some other time. What makes my research project different from the others is, it is under a contract with a company. The company invested RM 30, 000  just for the project. It is a project involving the use of different combo of chemical and bio-fertilizers to enhance the growth of oil palms. The setting up of the experiment was no joke that I had to hire some of my friends to be my helpers. It was impossible in the beginning, but with the trust given by my supervisors Professor Ling and Dr Rosazlin, I had the courage to buckle up and finish the project. The project is expected to complete in April, and I will have to present my data in May before submitting the full dissertation. I will blog about it more once everything is done.

This was taken before I transplanted them into polybags for treatments with fertilizers.

These are the transplanted oil palm seedlings, treated with fertilizers. 3 months away before
being harvested :)

In general, 2017 is a year of blessing and I have watched myself grown so much. Though I am still lacking but I believe that there is always a room for improvement. I learned to not to compare myself with others because I am the master of my own fate, led by God. Others might have achieved greater things than I do, but it is the quality of the lessons taken from each of the experience that actually matters for me. Opportunity will eventually come at the right time, and it is not the same for everyone. I personally would like to take this chance to thank everyone who has been a part in my 2017 journey, making it a memorable ones. Forgive my wrongdoings and please pray for my success. Also, to my blog readers it has been wonderful seeing some of you gained something useful from the blog posts. It motivates me everyday to help each of you with all I can despite my busy university schedule. Thank you too, for being part of my wonderful year of 2017.

So, I was scammed by a seller in Mudah.my

Hello guys, I am terribly sorry for being away from blogging for months. I started to get really busy with studies as I am now in my 3rd year, added with the research project that I am currently doing about oil palms. (Will blog about it later!) The project that has made me lost kilos, which is a good thing.

To idle, I was doing some online shopping for some a new gadget and to save some money I decided to browse to mudah.my where they sell secondhand items. It was my first time to actually purchase from the site, and I thought the drill was the same with purchasing from Lazada or Zalora. Little did I know, mudah.my was a platform FULL of online scammers though some are genuine sellers.

When I found the item that I wanted, it was offered at a lower price than other sellers so I contacted the seller. The item was negotiated and dealt at RM850. Moments later, he started to ask for RM500 because the item was put on hold by the custom, and another RM650 for parcel's stamping. He said these additional fees will be refunded once the item has arrived. I was naive and stupid to believe the scammer, and i paid an additional RM1150 for the RM850 item, making it a total of RM2000. 

Long story short, I did not report the scam to the police as the possibility of getting back my money was really thin. I called the bank which I deposited all the money, and the only thing they said that they cannot do anything to return my money, as it was my willingness to deposit the money and the least I could do was to report to the police. It was as if I was the stupid ones to not realize it was a scam, how would I know if it was a scam or not? However, I am still thinking whether or not to report it to the police because RM2000 is not a small amount of money. 

Not long ago, the scammer then told me he was scammed by the owner of the bank account which I deposited the RM2000. I was speechless, and i refused to believe. He was asking me file a police report, because he was not in Malaysia at the moment. This was interesting because I was scammed by a scammer that has been scammed by another scammer. HAHA. I should have gone straight to the store and purchase from there rather than online. 

I totally understand that the living expenses are hiking up day by day, but scamming someone's money is NOT the way. That someone also needs money to live, the additional fees that I paid was meant to pay for my college fee but for now I'll just surrender everything to God. I will see how it goes, if I decide to proceed with the police report. I'll put the account and phone number of the scammers below, i hope that others will not get cheated by these scums.

013-2611647 (Scammer 1 who claimed to be Ameerul)
011-17548306 (Scammer 2 who scammed Ameerul)
Maybank 168612002558 (SITI NUR FADHLIANA) Scammer 2's account number.

Please spread these numbers around, so others beware of the scammers.

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