So, I was scammed by a seller in

Hello guys, I am terribly sorry for being away from blogging for months. I started to get really busy with studies as I am now in my 3rd year, added with the research project that I am currently doing about oil palms. (Will blog about it later!) The project that has made me lost kilos, which is a good thing.

To idle, I was doing some online shopping for some a new gadget and to save some money I decided to browse to where they sell secondhand items. It was my first time to actually purchase from the site, and I thought the drill was the same with purchasing from Lazada or Zalora. Little did I know, was a platform FULL of online scammers though some are genuine sellers.

When I found the item that I wanted, it was offered at a lower price than other sellers so I contacted the seller. The item was negotiated and dealt at RM850. Moments later, he started to ask for RM500 because the item was put on hold by the custom, and another RM650 for parcel's stamping. He said these additional fees will be refunded once the item has arrived. I was naive and stupid to believe the scammer, and i paid an additional RM1150 for the RM850 item, making it a total of RM2000. 

Long story short, I did not report the scam to the police as the possibility of getting back my money was really thin. I called the bank which I deposited all the money, and the only thing they said that they cannot do anything to return my money, as it was my willingness to deposit the money and the least I could do was to report to the police. It was as if I was the stupid ones to not realize it was a scam, how would I know if it was a scam or not? However, I am still thinking whether or not to report it to the police because RM2000 is not a small amount of money. 

Not long ago, the scammer then told me he was scammed by the owner of the bank account which I deposited the RM2000. I was speechless, and i refused to believe. He was asking me file a police report, because he was not in Malaysia at the moment. This was interesting because I was scammed by a scammer that has been scammed by another scammer. HAHA. I should have gone straight to the store and purchase from there rather than online. 

I totally understand that the living expenses are hiking up day by day, but scamming someone's money is NOT the way. That someone also needs money to live, the additional fees that I paid was meant to pay for my college fee but for now I'll just surrender everything to God. I will see how it goes, if I decide to proceed with the police report. I'll put the account and phone number of the scammers below, i hope that others will not get cheated by these scums.

013-2611647 (Scammer 1 who claimed to be Ameerul)
011-17548306 (Scammer 2 who scammed Ameerul)
Maybank 168612002558 (SITI NUR FADHLIANA) Scammer 2's account number.

Please spread these numbers around, so others beware of the scammers.

Dr. Aaronn Avit Ajeng, Ph.D.

Dr. Aaronn Avit Ajeng is currently a doctoral researcher in biochemistry and molecular biology at the Institute of Biological Sciences, Universiti Malaya. He is also the Editor of The Frustrated Biologist ( since 2023.


  1. I feel sorry to hear your loss. Recently my friend almost got scammed by scammer on mudah. The seller is rude and hot tempered. When my friend told us (we are friend in group of 3) that the scammer request her to bank in RM 300 for a wardrobe. She told us about this, we asked her to request to have a view on wardrobe first. After she sent this request to the scammer, the scammer stayed silent. Then she sent another message asking "are you a scammer?", the scammer replied that it won't entertain my friend. The scammer said "when you want to buy my wardrobe, you have to follow my rules, not I am the one listen what you said". When you want to buy a high value item also yoi are not allowed to see before buying, this sounds so fishy and suspicious. According to Mudah website ( it also stated, in Section 1 "Shop Safely" Clause 4 "Avoid sending goods or payment; instead, meet in person and do COD (Cash on Delivery).". Then we started to search Google for information and we come across your post. Their style match what you have gone through, there are two (2) phone numbers involved.

    I am deeply saddened by your case because the money they conned you is the money you need for your studies. Please stay strong bro.

    1. Hey there, these scammers have thousands of tactics on getting to their victims. I hope all of you shop safely next time! Always look for the COD option, it is much safer that way. If you don't mind, can you post the bank details of the scammer, and the phone number as well in the comment below?

  2. This is a good blog. Everyone should come forward and name and shame people especially if they get their bank details. Then we can put those names on this blog and i am sure this scan will start reducing

    1. Thank you for reading this blog. Yes, this post is intended to expose those scammers so everyone could google them before starting any purchases especially from unknown individuals.

      If you know any, please do the deeds by putting their details in the comments. Spread the word around too. Let's help as much as we can ya. :)

  3. i was too like u facing this situation(buy xiaomi Note4)at i do as u said but then i call BNM ( bank negara)hotline for help. BNM going to check relative case,report to them.
    (bank report to BNM)I will go back to the bank for any news after 20-30 days

    1. I am sorry for your case. Mudah should really reinforce their sellers policy to avoid cases like these. Please update us here about the bank ya.

  4. I was scam by a buyer through bank scam method today by amount of RM1850 through by bank in an agent account.

    SCAMMER 1 +60179453276 who claimed to be SantanderBank

    SCAMMER 2 +6011-23700139 fake buyer (Alif Sharif)

    SCAMMER 3 Account number 1016141100011538

    A tough lesson learned today, and I believed there is retribution for those who scam.

    1. I am sorry for your loss. Let's just hope that justice will be served. and thanks for sharing their details here.

  5. Hi Aaronn,
    I read your blog after searching for keyword of " scam apartment".
    Well, the keywords is a clue what I am going through right now (27th October). I reported my case to Malaysian police. Got cheated of RM2400 which is a big amount of money. Cried to myself at night and it is such a bad feeling right now with myself - I'm kind of disappointed and angry with myself.

    Same kind of modus operandi. I transferred some money and they asked more from me for the 2nd time. They used grammatically incorrect language, funny stories and twisted turn of events throughout the deal. I realised halfway that it is being done in a hurried way by them.

    My friend say let go of this experience (it is very very hard for me! :..( ) and said that lessons in life is never free.

    Reading your experiences makes me feel less alone.Thank you for writing this episode and share it in your blog!
    God bless!

    1. Hi there, I am sorry for the loss but yeah it taught us some lessons, to be more careful in the future. I hope more people will be aware of such scams.

  6. Report to Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia. We need to eradicate these scammers.

  7. if u any negeri go to makamah (court)to request borang to fill so it stop bank can stop the account holder.fill the form and the polis report and the details u bank in to the scammer bank only accept it. but to get the our money is not sure yet .

  8. Hi, I also have been scammed online through I was a first timer on that website and was planning to sell of my camera and got cheated for rm900. I feel so bad but cant do anything! If we call the bank, what they will do on order to secure our account?

  9. 2022 scammer list update

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