My Research Supervisors


ChM. Dr. Rosazlin Abdullah

An esteemed Soil Scientist by profession, Dr. Rosazlin Abdullah obtained her doctoral degree from the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and is presently active in conducting research related to soil science, and environmental chemistry. She has been nothing but a supportive research supervisor I could ever ask for. She was also my undergraduate final year project mentor, in which we conducted a simple study on the effects of biofertilizer on soil fertility, and growth productivity of oil palm seedlings under glasshouse conditions (Please find the publication here). At the present, she is the main supervisor for my doctoral research at the University of Malaya, where we are aiming to develop a sustainable biofertilizer that is formulated using oil palm kernel shell biochar and plant beneficial probiotics, also known as the Plants-growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR). We are currently at the stage of testing the bioformulation on oil palm seedlings under glasshouse conditions. Further work involves the analyses of the seedling's metabolites, in the hope to unravel the mechanisms behind which the bioformulation can affect the growth productivity of the crops under certain stress-induced conditions.

Dr. Rosazlin laboratory: Soil Science Laboratory, Faculty of Science, Universiti of Malaya (rosazlin@um.edu.my).

Prof. Dr. Ling Tau Chuan

Professor Ling obtained his doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering from Birmingham University, United Kingdom. He taught several biotechnology subjects during my undergraduate period and that was how my interest in biological sciences began. I later applied for his undergraduate research project, and the rest is history. He nominated me for an exchange program in Osaka, Japan, which I was very fortunate to be selected to be the only participant from Malaysia. I wrote about my whole experience in Osaka here.  He is also presently a supervisor for my doctoral research. Funny and very chill, are what I would describe him. 

Prof. Ling Tau Chuan lab: Biological Products Separation Lab, Faculty of Science, Universiti of Malaya (tcling@um.edu.my)

Prof. Dr. Salmah Ismail

Professor Salmah is a distinguished molecular microbiologist who obtained her doctoral degree from the University of Malaya. She even has a bacteria strain named after her called Bacillus salmalaya 139SI which I am currently working with. A motherly figure who has been showing tenderness throughout my research which makes me feel always at ease. 

Prof. Salmah Ismail lab: Molecular Bacteriology and Toxicology Laboratory (UMBTL), Faculty of Science, Universiti of Malaya (Salmah_r@um.edu.my)


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