Bioengineered Biochar

Bioengineered biochar with microbes represents a groundbreaking synergy of two powerful natural forces: biochar, a carbon-rich material derived from organic sources, and specially selected microbes. This innovative approach leverages the porous structure of biochar to provide an ideal habitat for beneficial microbes, fostering their growth and activity. 

These microbes, carefully chosen for their ability to enhance soil fertility, nutrient cycling, and plant growth, form a dynamic ecosystem within the biochar matrix
As they thrive, these microbes contribute to the breakdown of organic matter, releasing valuable nutrients, improving soil structure, and sequestering carbon in the process. This symbiotic integration of biochar and microbes holds immense promise for sustainable agriculture, ecosystem restoration, and carbon capture, offering a glimpse into a future where technology and nature coalesce for mutual benefit.

For my doctoral thesis, I bioengineered a carbon-based material, biochar, using an effective Bacillus consortium and response surface methodology (RSM) software to investigate the optimal conditions for microbial survival. I also tested its efficiency on the growth response of Elaeis guineensis and analyzed the metabolite profiles using metabolomics. This especially innovative formulation/invention has been filed for national patent/intellectual property protection.


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