ESAFS 2022 Book of Abstract

Cover By: Aaronn Avit Ajeng (Universiti Malaya)

Dr. Samsuri Abd. Wahid (Universiti Putra Malaysia)
Assoc. Prof. Dr Rozainah Mohamad Zakaria (Universiti Malaya) 
Dr. Jamilah Syafawati Yaacob (Universiti Malaya)
Dr. Muhammad Firdaus Sulaiman (Universiti Putra Malaysia) 
Dr. Arina Shairah Abdul Sukor (Universiti Putra Malaysia) 
Dr. Adibah Mohamad Amin (Universiti Putra Malaysia) 
Dr. Syaharudin Zaibon (Universiti Putra Malaysia) 
Dr. Rosazlin Abdullah (Universiti Malaya) 
Pravin Vejan (Universiti Malaya)

Dr. Aaronn Avit Ajeng, Ph.D.

Dr. Aaronn Avit Ajeng is currently a doctoral researcher in biochemistry and molecular biology at the Institute of Biological Sciences, Universiti Malaya. He is also the Editor of The Frustrated Biologist ( since 2023.

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