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Shopee Malaysia employees honoured its delivery riders and partners today with a special campaign named #ShopeeDeliversLove. The promotion coincided with Valentine's Day, and personnel from ShopeeFood and Shopee delivery partners were present at various locations in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to recognise and acknowledge the contributions of ShopeeFood riders and Shopee delivery partners.

Shopee employees headed by Wong Chee Mun, Head of Business Development, ShopeeFood Malaysia delivering #ShopeeDeliversLove packages to ShopeeFood delivery riders


In addition to Shopee Malaysia staff, the initiative drew public engagement, with consumers nominating their finest rider and delivery tales on social media. Due to the fact that delivery riders do not often have set off-days, a customer had a wonderful encounter with a ShopeeFood delivery rider over Chinese New Year, "It was pouring at the time and we were anxious that he would be stranded in the rain." "However, Zuhair not only delivered our meal order on time, but he also wished the family a Happy Chinese New Year with a bright smile," Yong said.

"Terima kasih Yazid karena tidak berputus asa untuk menjalankan tugas sebagai Abang Shopee Express," said another Aishah. Make an effort to ensure that every Shopee user is aware of how much we charge. Abang Shopee, pen merah, pen biru. We love you."

(3rd from left) Wong Chee Mun, Head of Business Development, ShopeeFood Malaysia with ShopeeFood riders and employee at #ShopeeDeliversLove event 

Another Shopee member, Faiz, commented, "Thank you Hafizan for confirming the ShopeeFood items that were ordered." "Kagum dengan dedikasi Hafizan untuk menampung 2 pekerjaan untuk menyara hidup keluarga Hafizan, memang terbaik!"

"Delivery riders play an important role in today's economic landscape," stated Wong Chee Mun, Head of Business Development at ShopeeFood Malaysia. As businesses return to opening physical locations, delivery riders serve to link businesses and users by delivering food and merchandise. The profession has various problems, such as weather and high traffic, but they are frequently quite dedicated to delivering our users their best effort. We believe that by using the hashtag #ShopeeDeliversLove, we can demonstrate to our riders and delivery partners how much they are cherished and cared for."

Wong Chee Mun, Head of Business Development, ShopeeFood Malaysia gifting #ShopeeDeliversLove box containing a power bank, phone holder, sweets, raincoat and waist bag.

As part of Shopee's ongoing #ShopeeSapotLokal initiatives, each rider receives a gift box containing needs such as a powerbank, phone holder, sweets, raincoat, and waist bag, all acquired from local merchants. This month, we're also offering special Valentine's Day offers. When you order using the ShopeeFood app, you can get RM6 off with a minimum spend of RM28 at Starbucks. Offer valid on 14 February, 21 February, 28 February, 7 and 14 March 2022.

(First from L) Wong Chee Mun, Head of Business Development, ShopeeFood Malaysia with ShopeeFood riders and Shopee Express delivery riders who were nominated for #ShopeeDeliversLove by social media users

Want to send someone a present but aren't sure what to get them? Take advantage of the Send A Gift Card campaign from the 13th to the 14th of February 2022 and save up to RM2 on each voucher purchased. Visit https://shopee.com.my/m/shopeegiftcard to view available vouchers.

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