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Using Eucerin ProAcne For A week | My Acne Appearance Reduced Within A Week?

This pandemic not only has affected our way of life, but it is also affecting our appearances especially our face. Wearing masks on a daily basis has become part of our routine in stopping the spread of the COVID-19 which has caused the appearance of maskne. Maskne, similarly to any other acne breakouts is a skin irritation and breakout related to the use of masks. Student and a working adult like myself, is not excluded and there is a need for a proper skincare routine especially during this period. 

For the past couple of months, I have noticed that regular routine such cleansing, and hydrating using regular products are no longer the feasible ways in clearing the stubborn acne. So, I took on the Eucerin ProAcne 7-day challenge and I might have found the next best skincare that you should try if you are struggling with maskne. So, Eucerin sent me these product to review. I am sharing this based on my personal experience with the product. (Eucerin if you are seeing this, please sponsor me).

The Eucerin Acne Cleanser

The cleanser retails at RM 55.00 (price may vary). All these products are available at Watsons, Shopee, Lazada and Hermo, so check these stores out and compare the price yourself). What I love the most about this cleanser is that unlike any other cleansers  (that allegedly can treat acne), it does not strip away the oil completely off my face after washing and it is definitely very gentle on your skin so if you have a very sensitive skin, I would recommend this cleanser. It contains 6% Ampho-Tenside. It is perfume-free, soap-free and non-comedogenic which cleanses gently & effectively eliminates excess sebum. The consistency is almost watery and non-sticky, and it has some gentle scent to it. Get this product here.

The Eucerin A.l Matt Fluid 

After the cleansing, you are ought to apply this A.l Matt Fluid cream. According to the description, this product gives you an 8 hour long anti-shine effect (whatever that means). I guess it works by keeping your skin from appearing too oily. My skin absorbs it really well and I really love the smell too. It also refines your skin, reduces impurities and prevents excess sebum production. This retails at RM70.00 (price may vary). Get it here.

The Eucerin A.l Clearing Treatment

This serum contains 10% Hydroxy Complex  that works by unclogging pores, visibly reduces acne and helps prevent their re-appearance. It is advised to apply the product in a small amount as it may cause a tingling sensation which does happen after applying on my skin but for a short while. This serum contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and the possibility of sunburn. It is recommended that you limit any exposure to the sun while using this product and for a week after. During that period, and after, be sure to apply sun protection in the morning. This retails around RM 75.00 (price may vary). Get the product here.

The verdict

Each skin is different and the time it takes for a product to work may be different. Throughout the 7-day challenge, I notice there was a reduced acne appearance, not just within the facemask area but my entire face including the forehead and temple area where acne are common. It works as early as overnight (for me) where there was less redness of the acne. The acne eventually becoming less visible and fade off day 4 onward. Please visit my Instagram feed for the result (I might try to experiment more with Eucerin in the future so follow me on my social media). This was by far, the best skincare product I have used after La Roche Posay. In terms of pricing, I would say Eucerin offers a competitive price, of all the products I have used. Will I be using Eucerin in the future? Definitely. It has worked perfectly on my skin, and I am sure it will work well on yours as well. 

That is all for the posting today. Thank you for reading!

For more information, or collaboration opportunities, I can be reached via email at aaronnavit@gmail.com 


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