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The Unscheduled Blessings

If there’s one thing I re-learned about the quality of God during the difficult season in my life is that He is God of no schedule. What I mean by that is His blessings, healings will come at times I don’t expect it at all, but as long I have the faith, I will receive it. 

Looking at my previous conditions, I feel relatable to a character in the bible, as I was reading it yesterday which is the bleeding lady in Mark 5. Interestingly, the bible didn’t mention what kind of bleeding it was and it just went on for 12 years. These days, I kinda bleed from the within, the struggles, the urges, the lusts, these are what caused me to bleed. I think many people do too. 

My supervisors (from the left- Dr. Rosazlin and Professor Salmah) came to visit me at Hospital Selayang where I had my surgery last February. 

Continue from Mark 5 story, But at that time, Jesus was on a different schedule, where He actually was going to someone’s house to heal the daughter of a synagogue’s leader who was dying. This woman who had been bleeding for 12 years, came from nowhere and touched Jesus’ clothes, and was healed. This caused Jesus detoured from his original schedule/plan and the child of the synagogue leader has died. He resumed His journey right after, and rise the child from death.

Right after the surgery. I couldn’t move my lower body and had to hold on my shit from coming out hehe

I could be either this woman or the child where  blessings/healings will come when it’s His timing. I might not be able to disclose my health condition as I decided to keep it private, but praise the Lord I have been healed from what has caused me pain and suffering for almost a year. 

I also learned that certain schedules in my life can’t be forced on God. I don’t receive the healing or blessings right after I have prayed for it, but I will get it in God’s timing. God has His own timing. We might be ‘bleeding’ like this woman in Mark 5, but she has faith and it has healed her. Sometimes, just have faith like the bleeding lady or wait for Him like the helpless dead child, and you will see great things happening in your life!

With love,