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The Fish Bowl, The Gardens Mall

Are you a fan superfood, or perhaps you are on your diet to achieve that body goals you’ve always dreamed of? This week I had the chance to try The Fish Bowl located in The Gardens Mall and it was such a cool eating experience for me from ordering the food to finishing every last bite of it. The Fish Bowl is located at the lower ground near the intersection between Mid Valley and The Gardens Mall. And it was introduced to me by a dear friend, and I went there with her.

The Fish Bowl offers you plethora of customisable healthy food and it is so easy to order! Get a form provided on the side of the walls, follow the steps, and customize to your preferences. Lastly, present the form at the counter and make your payment. It is that easy. The service is excellent and the food preparation only takes only 5 minutes! It can take a little bit longer during lunch hour but no worries the seats are always available! Did I also mention that the workers are super friendly too? Yes, you heard that right.

If you are not sure what to get, then you can try their signatures. This option is also available in the form. Oh, the food is a little bit on the pricey side especially if you request to add in more sides like raw salmon etc but it is worth it. The menu is as in the photos below! The average price for one bowl is RM20.90 without any drinks. It is affordable if you're not a cheapskate person. Overall, it is a really healthy place to eat and if you have any foreign friends that you would like to impress, bring them over to The Fish Bowl! They will surely love it.