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Excited for 2019 (?)

We are finally getting closer to the end of 2018 and to be frank, it has been a life-changing year for me. To say 2018 has been uneventful would be an understatement. All the lessons learned that have moulded me to become the person I am today, to meeting lifetime friends have been the greatest part of the journey throughout the year.

What better way to end this year than reflecting back to some of the highlights that I personally think have impacted me in so many ways. Since this is a review from my personal experiences, allow me to be more honest and transparent. As I would like to live life more truthfully starting now. Okay, let's get on to it.


People say friends are like your second family and the greatest gift in life is friendship. A good friend is someone whom you can trust your problems and issues with and they are your secret hiding places whenever you want them to. But things are different with toxic friends and it's never your fault if you're friends with them. Someone I used to know a few years ago has become one of my big regrets in life for knowing such a toxic person. I can mention his name if I want to, in fact I have mentioned him in one of my blog posts when I first entered university.

He was a close friend, and we came to the university together, registered together, took the same class in our first semester. That was how close we were before but not after he tried to bring me down since the first few weeks in university, not just once but so many times even until recently. He was such a hypocrite, sensitive, toxic, unpredictable person I have ever known in my entire life. I would still forgive him, but I do not wish to know him or to ever say that I used to know who this person is again. He does not exist anymore.

But I thank God for this lesson and I am so grateful for the new people that He has introduced me to. They are undoubtedly the most genuine, humble, kind and I wish every blessing will fall upon them. We call ourselves as uni-corns and they are my coursemates! I didn't even remember when we started to get close because I was really enjoying their company. We build each other up, not tearing each other down. Because of these people, I was confident in my studies and I was able to get dean's awards. We've gone through a lot of difficulties and good times. They are just amazing and they have become my lifetime friends.

Introducing you to my unicorns: Kivaandra, Lidusha and Yushanthini 💙💙

I am also grateful to have some lovely friends in the university who add colours to my life. They are bunch of amazing and kind-hearted people and everything I could ever ask for. Thanks Loveline, Stein, Sarah, Nathaniel, Johannes, Grace, and Angel for all the good times we had this year and I am looking forward for more of you guys next year! I honestly learned that friendship is the most beautiful gift ever and ones shouldn't take advantage of it. Once your friends feel that they are being taken for granted, they will leave. So if you appreciate your friends, treat them like one. 


Studying has not been my forte when I was in the first semester of university maybe because I had a culture shock coming to a big city where everything was not the same in my town. But I gradually gained my confidence back after I have found the right study style and friends like my fellow uni-corns who pushed me beyond my limits. It is really important to discover your personal study style because not everyone is the same and find friends who can help you and build you to achieve your goals. Besides, I have always put God as the priority in everything I did and it just worked out very well when He is the centre of everything.

Matthew 6:33 says "but seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Throughout my entire years in university, I have been actively serving in a local church (SIBLife Church) as a singer and in a visual team. At some point I felt exhausted, but God reminded me that it was not coincidental that I was sent to Kuala Lumpur to further my studies. There was a purpose for me in this big city and that purpose was to build my faith again because I was really fragile. Trusting God is like walking in a very dark alley knowing that I am not alone because He knows the direction and all I have to do is to obey. Obedience to God will lead to greater things and it is really showing in all the achievement I have this year.

After months of sleepless nights and few kilograms of weight loss, I have finally completed my undergraduate thesis! It would not be possible without God and my good friends who have helped me along the way.  It is true that obedience to God leads to a greater thing and this research has been His blessing all along. The project was proposed by a biofertilizer company to my supervisors, Prof. Ling Tau Chuan and Dr. Rosazlin and they entrusted me with it. The best part of it? I was paid to do the research and not every undergraduate is lucky to be paid to do their thesis. God knows how I was financially struggling since early of this year because I was scammed by a seller in Mudah.my (you can read the blogpost here). If this is not God, I don't know what is. 

Even few months before 2019 starts, I received another good news from one of my supervisors that he is sending me off to Japan in January for a Sakura program at International Centre of Biotechnology @ Osaka University and it will be fully funded by the government of Japan. What a great way to start the new year! I will be flying to Japan on 19th of January which is few days after my final exam. I am just so grateful to God that His blessing seems to flow endlessly without me even asking for it. Super stoked to see what is in store for me in Osaka, Japan! 

New home

I was thinking of another highlight and I thought definitely moving to a new house would be it. If you know me, I have been staying in campus throughout the 3 years of my study and I was not able to get into campus accommodation in my final year. However, I was so grateful for a good friend, Sebastian who was willingly to accommodate me and we decided to rent a house together. Our first house was a studio located in Section 13 Petaling Jaya and we had a little complications because the management of the apartment didn't allow any pet and we have a cute but annoying french bulldog who just loves barking.  We then moved to a landed house in Section 14 and rented the house with other 2 tenants who are our friends too. I personally like it here because it is really convenient with free buses to campus (although I have to walk a lot but I don't really mind) and shopping malls and eateries. I learned how to manage my finance well and be responsible to every penny that is spent. I thank Sebastian for his good heart, he has helped me a lot and I am blessed by his act of kindness. At least Loki  (our dog) can happily bark now. Haha.

That's it everyone! These are some of the highlights that I feel have made a lot of impacts on my life in 2018. I have grown so much through all the experiences and I just cannot wait for 2019! So, how has 2018 treating you so far and what's one thing (or many things) that you are grateful for? By the way,  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019 everyone!