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Exploring Kuching, Sarawak.

Kuching is one the main cities in Malaysia and it is the capital city of Sarawak (East Malaysia). Enriched with history, it also has a lot to offer especially to tourists who love nature and some adventures. Visiting Kuching excites me because I was there 3 years ago to complete my pre-university program in a college. However, I never really had the chance to explore the city back then.

Few days before departure, I received a Whatsapp message from Grace asking if I could come to Kuching to surprise one of our friends (Loveline) on her birthday. Apparently, she did text few other to join as well and I agreed to join the fun. I thought this would be a great opportunity to go around the city while having a good time with my friends.

Extends across the longest river in Sarawak, Sg. Rajang; Darul Hana bridge is definitely one of the newest attractions in Kuching which has changed the landscape of the waterfront. The creative architectural design which embodies the identity of the state, the rhinoceros bird or Burung Kenyalang. If you are afraid of height, then you would have no other choice but to travel across the river using the boats or by land because it can be quite shaky up on the bridge. The view is fantastic and it is something that you should not miss while you are on the visit.

If you are on a food hunt, make sure to visit Kuching around July till August every year because there will be a huge food festival being held. Located at Dewan Masyarakat along Jalan Padungan, the food ranges from tribal foods to modern street cuisines. Always keep an eye on your belongings or your kids as it is going to be crowded and packed. Tables are provided along the way too, so you can sit down and enjoy your food. Make sure to come with an emptied belly because amazing arrays of delicious foods await you!

Tasik Biru or Blue Lake located in Bau is definitely one of the coolest places you need to visit while you are in Kuching. You will be amazed by how clear and blue the water is. According to the locals. the lake used to be a gold mining site back in 1820s and swimming is not advised because of the heavy metals and chemicals such as Arsenic deposited in the lake. Paddle cycling, kayak and cruise are available upon request and the price is relatively affordable and substantial. Contact information is available in one of the photos below.

We went further up to Fairy Cave which was a few minutes drive from Tasik Biru. This was my first cave experience and I was stunned by how big and cool the cave was. Make sure you come and purchase your tickets before 5 pm. If you love climbing up caves, there are few other caves nearby other than Fairy Cave. But we were not able to visit all of them due to time limits. Suitable clothes might be not necessary but make sure you are wearing flat shoes as the trails can be slippery at times.

We also went to Lundu for a one night trip, It took us about an hour bus ride from Kuching Sentral and the ticket can be purchased at the available bus counters. The ticket was RM12 ($3 USD). The bus operates on a time limit and availability basis. Keep track with the operation time or you will miss the bus. The highlights of this trip were the beaches and the foods. Few minutes drive from Lundu is a small town called Sematan which has some of the best beaches in Sarawak. We get to visit some of the beaches around the town.

Pugu beach, Kampung Pugu

Pandan beach

The food in Lundu was great and beyond substantial. I loved how generous they were with the ingredients. If you are in Lundu town, do not forget to try out the street food especially the pork satays. It was highly recommended by the locals.

That is it! You have reached the end of this post. These are just some of the places that I managed to visit during my visit to Kuching. There are a lot more to discover but I'll keep those in the list. Thank you for reading and please subscribe to my mailing list to get instant updates and promotions delivered to your emails. Adios!


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