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Aaronn Avit Ajeng, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Emailaaronnavit@um.edu.my
  • Phone+60 (14) 970 5384
  • ExpertiseBiology and Biochemistry
  • AffiliationUniversiti Malaya (UM)

Losing weight | The non-healthy way

The last time I went to jog was probably around 6-7 months ago. I stopped exercising because I was really busy with the research project but I was still losing weight. On September 2017, i was 74 kg and I lost few kilograms few months after starting the research project. Now, I weigh 65 kg!

I was working on oil palm, I was required to plant the seedlings (there were 48 of them!) in a glasshouse within the campus. Setting up the experiment was the hardest for me, I had to dry 50 bags of soils each weighed 55 kg before individually placing them into the poly bags.  My back was hurt but work had to be done. The reason I did not need to exercise was this work was already like an exercise, i sweat a lot. I was grateful there are bunch of friends who were willing to help me out. A big shout out to them!

It took me almost 2 months setting up the experiment from drying the soil, putting them into the poly bags, transplanting the whole seedlings and incubating them. Even on the harvesting period (which was 4 months after planting), I spent most of my time in the site pulling out the seedlings from the 20 kg poly bags, separating the shoots from the roots, drying them and grinding them to powder. I had to skip some classes just to get it done in time. 

What happened during these few months of research was really impacting my diet and sleeping patterns. The tiredness I had every time coming back from the site put me to bed really early and I had no proper lunch or dinner. I would wake up around the midnight and eat instant noodles before spending the rest of the night with assignments/revision for class test. Junk foods have become my only options in the midnight. The same lifestyle kept going, even until now. My friends noticed that I physically and emotionally changed a lot. I used to be a lot chubbier than i do now and grumpy and moody. It was simply because of the fatigue. 

It was not easy and I wished I had a superpower.  All was well and I was really thankful that it was done. All the sweat and tears were worth it. The presentation for this research was done successfully, I have submitted the copies of the dissertation to the supervisors. I will be printing the hard bound cover theses in July 2018 before the submission on August 1st. Wish me well for the final! I can't wait to be home this June.