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Road to 2nd Year Semester 2, Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology.

Hello everyone, I hope it's not too late to wish all of you Happy New Year 2017!

After weeks of stress, lectures, assignments and quizzes, I am finally done with Semester 1 for 2nd year in Biotechnology! I have finished my last paper today on Secondary metabolisms and thank God it was good. Last minute revision worth it and lots of thanks to my seniors Alec for helping me with the revision a day before the exam, and Kian Ted for sharing his notes.

I admit it that I've gone through lots of ups and downs the whole semester, and life has taught me to be stronger because God is always there. I am glad having positive people who have been at my side since day-1 in this university, also people who guided me spiritually into knowing the need of living life in line with God's purpose. It was hard, but I tried and I have grown this much.

I am quite excited for the next semester tho, I do not why. I hope it is normal to feel this way (haha).
Probably it is because I feel like I need to improve and do better for the upcoming semester as I lacked a lot of things this semester. I even dropped out from joining choir competition as there are lots of activities that will be going on at the same time, I afraid it will suck the soul out of my body so I am restraining myself from participating any activities for the time being.

I hope I will be writing more in this blog starting this year onward. I am sorry for the delay in replying urgent comments and emails but I will try to reply fast.

Fellow coursemates, looking forward a great semester with all of you! 

So, I went out for lunch at NU Sentral right after the examination ended with my buddies Michael and Elevena. Rewarded ourselves with good foods and had a good talk. I also bought some presents for my little sisters and mom, I just cannot wait to be home this Saturday! 

This was tasty. @pastazanmai_NUsentral

So thats it! Cheers to the memories in Semester 1, I'm coming Semester 2! Goodbye and see all of you in my next writing in this blog.