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Redefining myself | Whatsup January

Hey there lovely people, I am finally done with Semester 2 final examination and now holiday mood is ON! It is such a great feeling when you have done all your best in the finals and hope for good results. Geez I am super anxious, let's just pray for the best!

It's almost a week since I finished my last paper, and I have been enjoying myself by going out to some places to free my mind from anything. I purposely bought the plane ticket a week after the exam ends because one of my best friends is coming from Johor with his friend and they asked me to join them exploring Kuala Lumpur and show them around here.

But the first week of my holiday is unusual as I am accompanied by someone whom I barely knew. (Before my best friend arrival in KL) The most interesting thing is, he is one of my blog readers, who visited my blog looking for some information about University of Malaya. He then contacted me through Instagram Direct. Long story short, we became friends though I felt hesitant at first because he was a stranger.

We first met on 11th January and started going out around Kuala Lumpur since then. Oh did I mention that he is from Jakarta? Yes, he is an Indonesian, studying Medical Physics in Universitas Indonesia. He is a frequent traveler, so that made him a good navigator. He knew Kuala Lumpur better than me! (I am not from Kuala Lumpur tho, I am here for almost a year and haven't discovered this place much!)

Introducing to you my Jakarta pal, Hamdi Sahal.

It is a pleasant meeting him, as I improved my Bahasa Indonesia a little which before the knowledge of the language comes from watching Indonesian TV series and drama HAHA. We went for food hunting together around Petaling Street and Jalan Alor. All of these happened unexpectedly and I never asked for it but I am just glad that I have a company for this week before going back to Sarawak on 14th January which is today (exactly 12 hours before my flight! I am so excited to be home)

Dataran Merdeka

Petronas Twin Towers.

I thought this ice-cream would cost around RM5-RM6,
turned out it is RM10. Expensive but it was nice.

My friends from Johor arrived in Kuala Lumpur yesterday and we went out for sight-seeing, food hunting and more. They are going to be in Kuala Lumpur for several days more before flying back to their hometown. I am happy that these people are here, spending the holiday together. It is a totally unplanned holiday but it is all great and I am enjoying it so much! All these unexpected experiences have taught me to open for acceptance and look at the world from a wider perspective. Hamdi taught me to live a more balanced life especially if you are a student. Books, assignments or college work can wait, but do take some time off by going somewhere to release the tension.

I am the kind of unhealthy student, which after class I would cramp myself into a long hour of doing assignment and study though I know it is not healthy. I am the kind of student who is hard finding time to enjoy as I always engaged with all the college work. But guess it won't be the same anymore after this holiday. I am redifining myself. I will try to find balance between studying and taking some time off.

Here's a full picture of us!

Thank you for reading and do not forget to rate this blog. Email me for any questions. Goodbye! :)


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