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A tribute to Sarawak's greatest leader: Adenan Satem

I have no idea how to start this writing, nor to talk in a political way. My knowledge politics is really depthless and I rather talk about other things except for politics. But today's news has had me surprised, and I could not digest it. It was our Chief Minister of Sarawak, Tan Sri Adenan Satem who has just passed away today at 1.20pm according to Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) Kota Samarahan, Kuching.

I was watching some videos on my phone until a Whatsapp group notification came, which was from one of my friends asking if the news about the loss was just a rumor, it took everyone few minutes to reply and after few 'research' on Facebook, Twitter about people posting about it, which included Prime Minister Najib Razak and the Minister of Sport tweeted their condolences to the family of Adenan Satem, I assumed the news was legit.

Frankly speaking, I was beyond speechless after hearing the news. We, the people of Sarawak who are just amazed by everything that he has done in our state, the only leader who claimed the rights of that every Sarawakian deserves, heaved his final breath today. I am worried about the future of my state, and I have no idea of how worse or how much better we will be without him.

Since February 2014, he has been making progress to our beloved state of Sarawak. Not to mention his effort in putting deserving Sarawakians to work in Petronas, banning any Malaya political parties from entering the state, demolishing of bridge toll in Tun Salahuddin. and so much more. He was in power for almost three years, and have done things that leaders before were not able to accomplished. Adenan Satem was rather a sweet and open-minded leader, a leader that encouraged the people to live in acceptance despite the difference in religion, race and skin color. He is the kind of leader who can sit in mamak stall and eat like the rest of us, sadly we will not be able to see that again. Ever.

I attended Lan Berambeh (annual gathering for Sarawak people who residing in the Peninsular), and he was there. He seemed to be unwell and coughed often during delivering his speech. That will be the last time I hear, and see him live. It was just unfortunate that we lose a great leader, while the wicked ones are still sitting there comfortably with corruptions. May God have mercy on all people of Sarawak. I was happy because I will be returning back to Sarawak this week, not anymore upon hearing this sad news. This has deeply affected me. Let's just hope for a better leader, the one who can lead the state and continue the legacy that Adenan has left for the state.  A leader who listens and the one who takes action. We love you Tok Nan. You will be missed.

Source: Free Malaysia Today
Tan Sri Datuk Amar Haji Adenan bin Satem (1944-2017)