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An update on my life | December 2016

Hello everyone,

I am back writing in this blog after months! Gosh I was really busy with study, there's a lot of assignment, tests and now I am preparing for final examination which will start this Wednesday until next Friday. Wish me luck!

I am sorry for the late reply on the comments, but I tried my best replying them! Thank you for the amazing feedback on posts that I have shared and super thanks for rating this blog. If you haven't rated it yet, please do so by clicking the vote button on right of your computer screen. I would be glad if you find all my posts helpful. That is the main reason why this blog exists!

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas everyone! I wasn't able to go back to Sarawak because study week falls during Christmas, but I had fun with here in Kuala Lumpur. I had the chance to meet my seniors from old school during the Christmas. I received some Christmas presents too. Much thanks for all the gifts.

From left: Siti, Rima, Siah, me, and Brian.

These are my seniors who attended the same secondary school, SMK Merbau Miri and were from 5Sc Alamanda 2011, I finished secondary school from 5Sc Alamanda in 2013. These are the people whom I looked up to and became my inspiration to study back in high school!

Rima and Siah are now in their final year in Universiti Malaya (UM), taking Biomedical Science and Chemistry respectively. There are few of us from SMK Merbau Miri who managed to get into UM, only three of us are in the picture. I still have 6 semesters to go before graduating from my first degree in UM. I just cannot wait to graduate. Basically dying over here.

I am thankful to God, as 2016 is near to an end, I feel God's blessings have never been insufficient. There are lots of things I have accomplished this year and it is all because of Him. Well, getting into UM is one of them, tho I did not get any medical course but I am thankful enough to be able to study here. The path has been rough ever since I started my journey as an undergraduate in this prestigious university.

Last year was really tough for me as I was not offered any course that I applied in UPU, and I needed time to clear my mind. I finally built my second plan which was studying in UM and another plan was to study in the UK. Thank God, I was offered to study Biotechnology in UM, Biomedical science, Biochemistry and molecular medicine in University of Manchester and Queen's University Belfast.

I chose to study in UM instead, because of financial difficulties but I am not regretting any decision that I have made so far. I am glad to be where I am now. It was a huge blessing when I was offered a scholarship worth RM25k per year from Sime Darby Foundation to study Biotechnology in UM. No words could describe how happy I am upon hearing the news. I was travelling from KLIA2 to KL sentral with my best buddy, Kevin who just came back from France for holidays when I heard the news. I can say, God is always good, and all you need to do is to trust His plans and timing.

It has been a blessing too, that I found new best friends here and I am super glad that they are being sincere in friendship. There are still lots of things happened throughout this year, but I only highlighted few that I thought are the best. Even though there are some bitter things that had happened, but I am glad because I am learning a lot from those mistakes.

It looks like I need to stop writing for now and focus on revising for finals. Once again, thank you for reading my blog, though I still have milestones to go in blog writing but I believe every expert was once a beginner! To friends who are going to have their finals starting this week, all the best and may God bless you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!