A long way to go!

  • July 31, 2016
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Apa khabar readers?

Semenjak kebelakangan ini, banyak pula masa diluangkan untuk mengemaskini entri blog ni. Maklumlah, cuti berbaki sebulan lagi! Tiket balik ke Kuala Lumpur belum dibeli, huh. Rasa berat hati nak tinggalkan rumah lagi uwaaaaaa.

Dengan rasa syukurnya saya lulus semester kedua di Universiti Malaya and it is a great relief that I did not fail any subjects. It greatly motivates me to do a lot better in the upcoming semester. Walaupun terpaksa mengambil core subjects daripada semester 1 dalam semester ini disebabkan saya lompat terus ke semester 2 (Kenapa saya lompat terus ke semester dua? Find out here) , namun I am proud of myself sebab mampu menyerap semua tekanan sepanjang belajar di universiti terulung Malaysia ini. Bukan mudah, tapi kudos for me dan juga rakan-rakan second intake yang lain for the great results.

Walaupun tidak berada dalam Dean List, namun tidak mengapa sebab semester lepas memang heavy disebabkan terpaksa mengambil semua core subjects dalam satu semester.
So, one semester had been killed, another six coming in my way!

Sepanjang satu semester berada di dalam bidang pengajian Bioteknologi ini, I think I have a glimpse of what Biotechnology really is and it makes me excited to continue studying the course. I had been mixing around with Biotech seniors and even some Biotech Professors, it gave me the chance to gather the spirits that I really need while pursuing the course. I am looking forward to indulge myself more with these people because they are such an inspiration.

Tak sabar nak ke semester ketiga, can’t wait to see what next semester has in store for me!

Doakan saya selalu berjaya! 

Aaronn Avit Ajeng is presently a Ph.D. student in Biology and Biochemistry at the Universiti Malaya (UM) Malaysia.


  1. Hi Aaronn, this is a VERY informative blog so a huge thank you to you for writing so much positivity! I'm curious, how many terms do you have in total for your course? Since you entered as a 2nd intake, does that mean 2nd intake students pay one semester less than the 1st intake's? When exactly will you graduate? Will it be together with the 1st intake's? Thank you ��

    1. Hello Anon! Im glad that you find my post informative. I am sorry for the late reply.
      Overall there are 7 terms if you are entering as a second intake student in UM( depending on the course ) . Yes we pay one semester less than the normal students. The graduation may differ from the normal intake student as we ( second intakes) might still have few other university courses we haven't taken, even though we have taken all the core courses.
      If you are applying for extra credits, you might as well complete your required credits like the other normal students :)

    2. Thanks Aaronn! :)


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