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Don't Be So Hard On Yourself.

I used to be hard on myself before, like really bad. In many real life situations, I found myself to be someone who was trying to be well-liked, to be known as the boy with manners, and to be the smartest in the class and what-so-ever. I tried to be the second version of someone I admired, in hope that I will have more friends and they will like me more. I was wrong, I was abandoned, I looked stupid, and ugly because I was not in my own skin. I did not realize along the way there were people judging and criticizing on how hard I tried to be likable. Yes, that happened.

I can count the amount of friends that I have who really stick to me even after knowing that I faked my personalities just to be liked by them. I was glad that these fellows were the ones who actually helped me to develop my real personalities. I changed over time. I realized that there is no need for me to try so hard to get things that I want. I just have to be myself and it is all I really need. But somehow nowadays, I have to deal with people who happen to be exactly like the old me, not being themselves and trying so hard to be likable by attempting to do so many things to make them look good in front of others. I was there before, so no judging here.

But here are some pieces of advice to those who try so hard hard on themselves and at the end of the day they are just being fake and not original. Basically these are the things that I figured out which I did a lot before. I hope these will change the way you live your life and become more of yourself, perhaps.

1.We sometimes worry about so many things in life. Our clothes or appearances, looks and so much more. But don't be so hard on yourself because God will provide you the things that you need.

2.Some other times, we crave for an attention from someone we love but it is just out of our control when we do not get what we want. Again, don't be so hard on yourself as our lives would be more happier when we love ourselves first than anyone.

3.Some of us try really hard to impress others, to be likable by the people by acting cool or nice and sometimes just being so hypocrite that they actually annoy people surround them who know their real colors. But, please don't be so hard on yourself because not everyone likes what you're doing. Be original, perhaps that will make people love you.

4.When we bump into someone who is good-looking, we will try to be like them, but not all people were born pretty or charming, you have to accept your destiny. Do not be so hard on yourself because you were born to be yourself, not the second version of anybody else.

5.During the test results day, you find that your score is the lowest than anyone in your class.You thought you can impress others by scoring the highest mark, but you stumbled. You feel worthless and useless. You feel like there is no more room for improvement. But, don't be so hard on yourself because Rome wasn't built in a day. Great things take time. Believe in yourself. There is no need to impress others with your knowledge because at the end of the day, knowledge remains knowledge and it never dies. It is about how you apply that little knowledge that you have into benefits or an idea that worth a million dollar. So never compare yourself with others!