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Things to do during Year end or school holidays.

Hi again readers, happy holidays! The season is coming and yeah I know everyone loves year-end holidays. But you'll only love it when you have something fun to do. I admit it, there are people who find holidays boring because all they know is going out to school and meet some friends and study.

There are lots of things for you to fill up your holidays. Be it outdoor or indoor. These suggestions are only practically my ideas and things that I have used to do during the holidays. You might find them boring, but at least they had filled my holidays.


1. Working as a Part-timer.

Well this is a very usual thing for a student to do during the holidays. Most Malaysians do. Haha. I used to work as a part-timer in a shoe shop.
I am fond of this job cuz it was a good chance for me to improve my communication skills. How I communicate and handle noisy unsatisfied customers had given me the confident to speak. 

Besides, you can meet a lot of people who are from different walks of life. It has given me a useful quality that will be used during my employment in the future.

2. Involve in a charity program.

I once participated in a charity program called G-Experience. It was a program hosted by Universiti Malaysia Sarawak(UNIMAS) in collaboration with our college. I don't really remember the date of the program but I had a memory that it was held during a week college semester break.

The Another useful quality I have gained through the program. I met the orphans and communicated with them. It was such a heartbreaking knowing that some of them were left by their parents. But our presence even for 3 hours had given them happiness and of course we too, happy :')

3. Family Picnics or Trips

Okay trust me, i rarely went for family trips or picnics. Perhaps I was too busy with myself trying to figure out what ex-crush was doing. But spending time with family during holiday like this could be the precious moment you will have.

 Everyone grows closer and happier. if you were before not too close to your parents(like me), and if you have made some mistakes that they cannot forgive you with, then this is a great head-start for a better relationship. come on, who wants to live in grudges and anger towards someone? I am sure no one wants. All you have to do during the trips is to ask apologies from your family who you have wronged and i am sure everything will go smoothly after they apologize you.

what are you waiting for?
discuss with your family and plan some trips ahead! It is gonna be a fun for everyone.

4. Be a part of the committee for Church or other religion activities.
It is fun to be a part of the Youth Committee in the church. I love participating for religious activities. as a committee, you can organize a lot of fun activities for the youth and it is really a blessing when you do. 

One of the activities that you can organize during this Christmas Season break is the Christmas Caroling! Join the others from house-to-house while singing Christmas Songs. Isn't if fun? 
i have always loved caroling. It is the best thing to do ever during the Season.

Besides caroling, there are also plenty of things that you can do. You can join others to clean and decorate the church, do Christmas Quiz and so on..

5. Try a new hobby
Holidays should be a leisure time for all of us. Having a new hobby is definitely a great thing to try. At least you learn something new. If you have passion in Music, well then go a music class and learn how to play music. I never learned to play any musical instruments, i was sucked at it. But i have a passion to learn Piano and guitar. I will definitely try them one day. I feel out of the class for not being able to learn any musical instruments while my friends are very good at them. 

Trying a new hobby does not necessarily about learning music, singing. But if you have passion in writing, please and please run a blog! There are many famous young writers out there. they have the same interest with you that is writing. So take this opportunity to shed the dust that covers your talent and let it shines! Run a Youtube channel if you love making videos or whatever.

it is important to really know what do you want to do and what you wish to do. Spend the holidays to discover your talent and make a new hobby!

By indoor i mean Home.

1. House cleaning.

Christmas is coming and you will have to do some cleaning! I love the cleaning part where I would be  painting the house and my room. I love keeping the house clean and neat so it can feel like a real home. Then you can decorate the Christmas Tree, hang the led lights around the house, put some stockings for Santa( I didnt do this cuz it is not really a tradition in my country ha ha) and there you go. Christmas mood is all over!

2. Learn new recipe
all this while, you might have been going to school, stressing yourself out, going out for movies and you are the type who only sits in your room all day long. Now it is holiday, well get out from your room and do something fun with your siblings and spend more time together. You can try a new recipe! be it cakes or biscuits or whatever. It will be more fun it you do it together with your siblings or parents.

Last Christmas, my sister and I made a Cheese Cake and to be honest, it tasted terrible. We had to eat all that because it will be a waste if we threw it away (mom would be pissed) we also made biscuits which tasted the same (a little improvement but still tasted suck ha ha).. But what we got was a better bond between each other. we had fun learning the new recipes even though they did not taste exactly how they should be. But it is OK,

the list of the things you can do during the holidays goes on and on. I have to stop here.Been sitting in front of a PC for 2 hours straight hurts my eyes. Now i am going to watch The Vampire Diaries. See you guys soon! 
ps:Nina Dobrev is hot! bye!