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Miri City Christmas Parade 2015

Hi readers!
Christmas Season is coming and I am sure that everyone has been waiting for it to arrive. It is that day again in a year where we will be celebrating our Savior's birth into our lives.

well, i am sure that everyone has heard of Christmas Parade huh?

It has been an annual event since 2008 in Miri (East Malaysia) and it is usually done in Miri City Fan. 

this year marked a huge success ever since the day it was held in 2008. Around 40,000 people gathered at the City Fan compared to 30,000 last year. It was really fascinating to see people from all walks of life joined the parade and spread God's love along the way. 

around 35,000 people have arrived.

The event started at 7.30pm but we arrived the City Fan 2 hours earlier because we wanted to secure our seats. 

I was a bit sad, because most of my close friends were very far away, some of them were scattered around West Malaysia, pursuing their Degree. I was hoping to be with them during the parade, but it was okay. There'll be another time.;) for my friends who are reading this, I love you!

Sisters and a cousin of mine(middle) who were with me during the parade. 

Chief  Minister of Sarawak was the Guest of Honor for the event and it was my very first time hearing him 'live'. He was very supportive even though his religious view is different. He was very cool! I can finally see a leader who stands up for his beloved nation and does everything he can for this state. He made it clear in his speech that night.

we started the parade at 9 PM!

we started the parade at 9 PM. It took us one hour plus for the 7 km parade. It was tiring yet fun! A lot of people stopped by the road and yea being supportive, This is the beauty Sarawak. We do not see each other as Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, or even atheists.We see each other as one family regardless our religion.
all church denominations joined the parade. there are 15 denominations of churches in Miri.

we headed home as soon we finished the parade. My sisters seemed exhausted from the walking too much but they did enjoy it. Thankfully the weather was perfect along the way. 

my entry today ends here, thanks for reading and please make sure to check my previous posts. 

Merry Christmas xoxo!