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Kolej Matrikulasi Sarawak Gala Night.

Hi beloved readers!
As I have mentioned in the previous posting, i will be sharing some of the experiences I have had in Kolej Matrikulasi Sarawak. This time it is our Gala Night.
Taken place on 11 April 2015, in SMT Sejingkat Hall. All students of KMSw and some of the lecturers attended the Gala Night. The selected theme was red elegance. Yes, everyone dressed in red during the night.

The gala night was planned by the JPP. The exact purpose of the gala night was to create a longer-lasting memory with our friends before everyone left the college after the finals. Some of us might not be able to meet up after leaving the college. It was kinda like a farewell party :’) we had our finals a week after the gala night.
There were lots of fun activities held during the night. It was fun organizing them with fellow JPPs. We had singing competition, Lucky draw, King and Queen of night, Prize Exchange and so much more.. To get these done, some of the JPP had to stay the night out before the event started and some stayed in the college to decorate the hall. I admit it was exhausting yet it left a remarkable memory to everyone. I remember of shopping for the decorations and stuffs until 11pm!
There were also problems came popping as we were about to finalize the event. One of them was we were told that the Catering who should have provided the tables was unable to  make it. Luckily we were able to contact another catering to provide the tables. Thank God, all was well!

On the event day, everyone dressed beautifully in red. A photo booth was set up for the students to take pictures. 

We were glad that the food provided was enough for all! Everyone filled their hungry tummies! 

these were our winners for King and Queen (for the lecturers)
Sir Hafiz and Ms Teena were chosen to be the King and Queen for the night.
As for students, the title was won by Shaz and Shirlyna Imma! But I do not have picture of them :(
So here are another pictures taken from the event. Not much but I hope they give a positive outlook for you guys who are currently or going to study in Kolej Matrikulasi Sarawak. Matriculation is the best time you will ever had because within 11months of struggle studying, you will make best friends. You’ll meet different personalties and the best part of it? You learn to mature . Always appreciate your friends because they are important. You might argue with them, but it all makes you a better person and friend!
I guess I have stop here for now. I hope you find this helpful. This might cover me for the rest of the time because Kolej Matrikulasi Sarawak is only 3 Years-old (established in 2013). So it’s new and a lot people, mostly students do not know about this college. So I take every initiative to write my experiences I have had during a year studying in the college. I hope by posting all these experiences attracts the students, especially SPM leavers to take foundation program here in Kolej Matrikulasi Sarawak!