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Hi readers, happy holidays! 
It is 3am and here I am opening my blog and writing in it. I barely sleep at night, so I will have to replace it in the morning.
Today's title is I AM BLESSED. What does that deliver?
Well, I was looking up for Christianity in Malaysia since there is something that I am curious about. There have been riots happening in some parts in West Malaysia which were about persecution of Christians.
Malaysia is ranked at 37th with the most persecution of Christians in the world whereas North Korea is on top of the list. And surprisingly Indonesia is at the 47th!
Read more here
Indonesia is the largest Muslim population in the world and yet Malaysia happens to be more aggresive when it comes to persecution of Christians.
I do not know how they rank this and I have no knowledge of it. This is a disclaimer!☺
Maybe it is because of the unresolved issues about the usage of Allah in the Bible and also about high school Christian students who were quietly being converted to Muslim by their teacher. There are actually more cases of the persecution just that i am not going to talk about them all in here.
So as I went deeper in my so called 'research'. I found an amazing story of a North Korean refugee on how he escaped from North Korea. It was really a blessing for me. So this is how the title of the post comes from.
His name is Joseph Kim. He lost his dad because of starvation, his sister had been sold by his mother as a bride slavery in China and her mom was arrested because of traveling back and forth to China. He was all alone. Starved himself because he hardly had leftovers since people were chasing him away.
He heard about some North Koreans ran across the border at night and seek refuge in China. Because of the desperation and hunger, he ran away and crossed the border. He thought it would be the best decision for him.
The first few days in China was not as expected. Life was still the same. Hardly had leftovers and people kept saying they had nothing to spare. But that perception changed when a lady approached him and said she had nothing to spare but all she could offer him was telling him to go to the church and he did.
His life started to change since then. People in the church gave him shelter and money. 50 yuan ($8) was the most cash he ever had in his life. For almost two weeks, the church had been giving him shelther. He was also taught how to read the Bible. He met an old lady which he called grandma. She taught Joseph how to pray. That very night he prayed
"God, I don’t know who you are or whether you exist as the Bible and Christians claim. But I need your help."
I am sure that God did help him throughout everything. I am sure that it was Jesus who had led his way from North Korea.
He was helped by an activist to study in the United States, though language was the barrier but he cannot ask for more than what he had at the moment. God had changed his life. It was all he could ever need.
For the full story of Joseph Kim, read here
I am blessed after reading this story, and spending my sleep time to read something like this has never been a waste. I am blessed, that is why i want you to be blessed too!
God bless you.
Come back soon, thanks! Xoxo


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