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A Walk With Nature Kolej Matrikulasi Sarawak

On 20 September 2014, Biology Unit of Kolej Matrikulasi Sarawak had organised a “walk with nature” program. The program taken place in Matang Wildlife Center and Kubah National Park, Kuching.
The purpose of the program was to expose the students with the biodiversity that can be found in the forest and the wildlife center. The Biology Unit had this program earlier before the second semester of One-year matriculation program started where we will learn about The Biodiversity in the first chapter.
we woke up early at 5 am and had ourselves ready. we waited for the bus to arrive and we were briefed before heading to the destination.

while waiting for the bus to arrive~
Kubah National Park
we started walking up the hill around 8 am. I admit it, it was tiring and we were drained with sweat but we enjoyed the walk. We relaxed ourselves with the greenery scene in the national park. we were able to see a lot of floras at the park.

Matang Wildlife center
we continued our journey to Matang Wildlife center! it’s time to see the faunas.
we were first greeted and briefed by the Wildlife Ranger. We were also introduced to all of the flora and fauna that can be found in the wildlife center. From the world’s smallest frog species to asian’s biggest Orang Utans and different species in flora. We were also introduced to different names of Orang Utans and where they came from.
We saw Orang Utans, Wild cats and much more in the wildlife center but we were not allowed to touch the animals as they may  harm strangers and cause serious injuries.

The day ended well even though it was a bit tiring to wake up and go to Church mass on the next day. To sum it all up, we learned a lot during the program and it was a very great way to relax from the studying too much. Some friends who are currently studying Zoology find this program useful. Most importantly, we created a lot of sweet memories together!

goodbye for now :)x