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Dr. Aaronn Avit Ajeng

Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Email aaronnavit@um.edu.my
  • AffiliationUniversiti Malaya (UM)
  • ExpertiseBiology and Biochemistry
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Learn how to forgive others.

Forgiving someone who had done you wrong could be the hardest thing for you. It is not easy to say "It's okay, i have forgiven your mistakes" to someone who wronged you, your enemies especially. Not everyone has the courage and the right motivation to do so.

But have you ever felt that by forgiving, it opens up another opportunity in your life? We all make mistakes and we deserve the right forgiveness if we seek it. I felt that after forgiving people who wronged me, more blessings came in. I am blessed with many beautiful things such as a longer-lasting friendship, a good relationship with family and et cetera.

As a human, I tend to say or do things that might hurt others without me realizing it. I did not realize about it after I felt like my friends were leaving my side. Ego, that described me. I admit it, I was lonely at the moment. It felt like no one was going to talk to me again. I felt depressed. Most likely this kind of thing usually happens if I am in a boarding school with people coming with different attitudes. 

Sometimes, i cracked very harsh jokes and be mean with every word I said. I am naturally like this. I have some haters. But as the time passes, I am learning everything essential about living in a community. Skills needed when you are in a group of people, how you blend in and so on. I am learning all these things so that I can have a better relationship with my friends. 

After realizing my stupid harsh jokes, mean words and everything evil i have ever done, there is no other way than seeking for forgiveness from people that I have wronged. It is the best way for me. I do not hope for them accepting my apologies, but i hope they listen to them. That would be enough for me. I learn to seek for apologies since then cause' i do not want to lose friends, and people I love.

It is a blessing when people who I have wronged accepted my apologies. It makes relationship to grow more firm and stable. It feels better when you know you have been forgiven. 

This implies on both sides (You and people you done wrong). When someone asks for forgiveness, please do forgive them with an open heart. Same goes when you are the one who makes mistakes, it is important to seek forgiveness from people you wronged. It is OK if they do not accept your apology, as long as you have regretted your mistakes.


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